5 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Senior Photos During Summer

You might be thinking that summer is way too early for your senior portraits, I mean you JUST finished your junior year! The reality, though, is that the summer before your senior year is actually a great time for your photos! 

Here's why! 

COLORS ~ Summertime, and all it's green gorgeousness, is an amazing time to do your photos. The flowers are bright and colorful just like your tan! If you're lucky which I am not. That tan will live on forever in those beautiful bronzed prints of yours! 


TIME ~ Once your senior year gets started you'll most likely be going non-stop. With summer sessions there's no stress of having to make room in your schedule for planning, shopping, and all the extra stuff that is supposed to be FUN about senior sessions! You and your friends will be out of school and can hit up the mall whenever. Plus your bestie might even be free to come along for some extra session fun! 


WEATHER ~ Okay, this one's tricky since we have to deal with the raininess that comes along with hurricane season, BUT the warm summer weather is so amazing for beautiful beach sunset sessions. Who wants to head to the beach in a cute sundress or ride around with the top off the jeep in 40 degree weather?  Think 4th of July fun, flower fields and everything else you love about summer. 


OUTFITS ~ This goes along with the previous one, but the warm weather brings on the cutest outfits! You can wear all the cute things during summer, and forever remember the awesome summer fashion, and bod, that came along with your senior year. 


Sessions are amazing throughout the year, but if you love the beach, cute little dresses, and fun in the sun then you definitely want to get going before the senior year shenanigans get going!


To book with DWP contact me via the form, and I'll be in touch soon!