How to Choose YOUR Senior Portrait Photographer

If you're a rising senior chances are you've been planning your senior portrait session since the beginning of time! Okay that's a little melodramatic, but you've probably been thinking of them for some time now. 

Number one: Just stop looking and book me already! HA!! Kidding! As much I would love for every single junior/senior to book me, it's important that you find a photog that FITS YOU! Here are a few things to help your search: 

Top Charleston Mount Pleasant Summerville Goose Creek South Carolina Senior Photographer

STYLE - I'm not talking about the clothes your potential photog wears; I'm talking about the actual photographic and editing style that they use. Some photographers are light and airy while others are more natural or moody. You want to look at each photographer's style so that in the end you're not disappointed with the one you choose. 

WHAT IS OFFERED - You want to make sure that the photographer you're looking out offers what you're looking for. If you want to multiple locations and multiple outfits, be sure that's something your potential photographer offers. Planning assistance and easy communication, multiple outfit and location changes, quality products to display your images; whatever you like, whatever you value, make sure you choose the photog that offers what YOU WANT from YOUR DAY. 

CHOOSE A PROFESSIONAL - Don't skimp on the quality. There are many photographers out there now days that charge little to no money for a session and a promise of tons of digital images. Many of these individuals are not licensed/insured business people. They purchase a DSLR, set up a Facebook business page and that's all she wrote. I know that everyone starts somewhere, but you may not want to trust this important time in YOUR LIFE to someone who is not a true professional. 

FULL EXPERIENCE - See what their sessions include. DWP partners with Vanity Salon so each Senior Portrait Experience includes professional hair and makeup, but not every photographer has partnerships to include extras. Look at what each experience offers, and see if it what you're looking for. 

MEET IN PERSON - Make sure you are a good fit for each other. Some people just aren't a good fit to work together, and meeting, even just for a cup of coffee, can help you decide if you want to move forward or if you should keep looking. 


Top Charleston Mount Pleasant Summerville Goose Creek Senior Photographer
Top Charleston Mount Pleasant Summerville Goose Creek Senior Photographer

Congratulations on your senior year!! Remember, this is such a special time in your life; a time that you have worked so hard to get to and you deserve to have a fun experience, gorgeous images, and beautiful keepsake pieces. Good luck to you in your last and most amazing year of high school! 

To find out more about DWP and the Senior Portrait Experience CLICK HERE or CONTACT ME to chat.