Communication is Key | Charleston SC High School Senior and Teen Photographer

Hey, lovely!

Thanks so much for stopping in, I’m Deanna of Deanna Webber Photography! Nice to *meet* you! I have been specializing in high school senior portraits and teens since 2018, and I absolutely love what I do. I work with super star teens that are rocking their youth; some know they’re rocking it, while others struggle to see it. My favorite thing is to make teens feel as amazing as everyone else sees them. I wanted to pop in and write a little something to give you an idea of how I work, what to expect in a very important aspect of session planning…communication!

My philosophy on client communication is the more the merrier! I like to help every step of the way. I never want my client to feel like they can’t communicate with me or be left wondering. I am always just a call, text or email away (during somewhat regular business hours of course). If you happen to reach out to me after business hours, you will be first up next day so I can answer your questions. I never want a client to feel like this is all on them. A successful session is one where we work together and plan as a team so we stay on the same page.

One way I like to communicate is through forms and questionnaires. Your session isn’t for me, it’s for you. So I use questionnaires to find out more about my teens and help get an idea of what they’re looking for in a session. From there we work together to plan everything from location, to hair and makeup to outfits and accessories. I use contracts as a way to communicate what you can expect from me on the business side. You’ve seen my work, and know what to expect creatively, but this will lay out how I operate behind the scenes.

We’ll be in touch often, and it might seem like a lot at the time, but it’s to ensure that your session is what you want it to be. After our initial contact, we’ll go over contract, questionnaire, payment, planning, reminders, finishing touches and follow-ups. Most of that is done via email, but the planning and reminders will be a combo of calls or texts too. I like to text when it comes to location and outfits!

What is your favorite method of communication?